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all we want is for things to work out!

Poppin In [11 Nov 2004|07:46am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey everyone! What's up? It's Jay just popping in to look around and say hi. Looks like everything is running fine... good job Dana. Talk to u guys later.

work out!

[29 Oct 2004|06:59pm]

weeee I joined! lol I'm Rose and I love Exit 157 woo hoo lol

all we want is for things to work out!

[29 Oct 2004|06:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Um yeah. Trying out this community thing. If you are here, then I assume that most of you know that Exit157 is a band originating from Lodi, NJ. The band is pretty much four awesome guys from Lodi and one awesome guy from Paramus doing what they love. Playing music.

So, I'm Dana and I run this whole LJ shindig. I also work on the offical Exit157 site a lot although the guys now know enough HTML to take care of it. I'm sure if you've been to one of their shows, you've seen me running around with a camera and getting in your way to take pictures. Although I have free rein of this, the guys will hopefully be posting here either from their own personal journals or via me.

Enough of that crap, on to news about the band. Last Friday, they played a show at Lodi High School and did a pretty good job if you ask me. They also have recently completed a demo, so if you would like one, you can either ask one of them or just attack Russ at their next show.

If you missed the Lodi show, don't cry about it, there's another one coming up on November 20, 2004 at 7:00pm! The show will be at River Dell T-Zone. The address is 340 Bogert Road (on the corner of Howland) in River Edge, NJ. Admission to the show is $8 and they'll be playing with Every Damn Day, Missing Point, and some other bands to be annouced. So come on, put on your Sunday best, grab grandma and the kids and come on down. I promise you'll have a good time and if you're lucky, maybe you'll get a Snaggle Snack!

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